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"Brilliant! I've listened to so many bands who 'claim' to be hard rock and I end up listening to pop crap. Project-43 has won my heart! Musicianship to image to art. Flawless! Project 43 is redefining my definition of true hard rock. You will set a standard for me that's hard to beat!" - Tyler Buhl,

"Project-43 is one of those rare bands that exhibits chemistry between it's members, an amazing fact considering they produce their music from separate locations. Their sound harkens back to the raw roots of rock and continually draws your hand to the volume control to crank it up just a little bit more... Rock, how it was meant to be played and heard!" - Stack, Overdrive Underground Internetwork

"This CD has songs that are very reminiscent of old-skool Iron Maiden and maybe some Queensryche, but there's a modern twist too with some excellent tunes like 'Running Scared'. Well worth recommending to anyone who likes classic heavy!!! - Eddie, CDBaby

"'Silence The Quiet' from Project 43 is a cool debut album, showcasing a range of diverse styles all within the melodic rock barrier... and in turn it sounds quite professional and slick. the albums end, you are actually left wanting more, it's easy going on the listener and covers a diverse range of styles and influences that keeps the flow interesting." - Nicky, Fireworks Magazine

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Hey Rockers! What do you think of our new website! It just went live today... We're pretty excited about it. Lots of new features that will make it easy for use to bring you new content regularly. Plus, on the "Store" page, you can listen to our tunes and download any or all of the mp3s for FREE! That's right FREE. We just ask that you join our mailing list which you can cancel at any time. Our latest two CDs are there now, but the rest of the catalog is coming soon.

So, take a look around and let us know what you think. You can post replies here to the blog or comment on the main page in the upper right.

So, go crank it up and ROCK ON!

Independent Music on the Web 

Independent Music on the Web
Today the Internet is flooded with Indie bands trying to get noticed. It's amazing the amount of great music that is available (and some not so great) to us by doing nothing more than Googling. However, for the band or group sweating it out, creating all of the great tunes, it's not so easy to stand out above the rest.

Take for example, Project-43. This band was started a few years ago by a couple of guys who met on the Internet. They wanted to explore the options that were available to them to be able to make music on the net, post music on the net and eventually sell some music on the net.

Over the past five years, the band has released three Indie CDs. There's some great music across all three and a lot of growth can be noticed over that span. What's truly amazing is that all of the music was created over the web with none of the musicians ever in the same room together. While this is becoming more and more commonplace, it's still pretty remarkable when you think about it.

So as the band continues their musical adventures (they're currently working on a cover CD with songs that inspired them musically), they must try and figure out the modern music distribution madness. How do you get folks to hear your music? How then do you get them interested enough to want to follow the band and hopefully purchase their music? The traditional method of touring and playing gigs is not possible with Project-43 as they are separated around the globe and are truly an Internet Band. This really puts a new spin on the traditional methods of getting the message across to the fans.

Free music or MP3 downloads are one way to entice listeners. Internet radio air play is another. Obviously, GREAT music is the key, but fans have to hear it first to want to go look for more. It's kind of like the age old conundrum of the chicken and the egg. There has to be a way to get the music to the fans so they can hear it and then want to hear more.

So, what's the best way to approach this? There are many marketing sites that will tell you one thing or another. Many boast of great sales or huge exposure. Is the answer Social Networking? Is having a lot of Facebook friends or Twitter followers the answer? I'm sure those help, but I'm not sure it's THE answer. The best plan is probably a combination of all those, but how does the independent band find the time to create the music and market it all too.

Project-43 will continue to make great music, because that's what they love to do. Will they be able to share that will everyone they'd like too? That's the real question and is still yet to be seen.

What are your thoughts?


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